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Categorization of groups.

May 8, 2010 at 11:58 PM

Hi Jelle - Great work on the Schedulr. I just started using it, but find it tremendously useful. I have an additional feature request.

Since I upload diverse types of photos and am subscribed to over 150 groups, I categorize the groups into about 10+ categories. Here are some example categories:

- Nature (10 groups)

- Macro (5 groups)

- Birds (10 groups)

- Insects (5 groups)

- Flower (15 groups)

- Landscape  (10 groups)

- Architecture (5 groups)


So, if I have a photo of a flower taken in macro mode with an insect on it, I'd send it to all groups in Nature + Macro + Insects + Flower categories - so a total of 35 groups. The next picture may be an insect on a leaf, so Flower category may not apply, but the rest applies. So, when you categorize the groups, it becomes very easy to quickly go through each photo and select categories that I'd want to add it to. Is it possible to incorporate this feature within the Schedulr? (I currently do that using one of the greasemonkey scripts I use on flickr pages - it's called Flickr Multi-Group Sender script.)

Currently, I multi-select photos and associate groups, but almost always there are exceptions and I have to end up going through that list of 150+ groups once again to take care of the exceptions, which is a pain. Would be great if you can incorporate this in your next product iteration. Also, you'll have to handle the issue of group being in multiple categories - so it should not throw an error if I'm sending to 2 categories which both has a particular group.

Thanks very much for the great work!

Venu Gooty

May 10, 2010 at 2:30 PM
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